About Us

Our Identity

There are many churches out there, each one trying to set themselves apart from the others.  This is usually done by identifying to which denomination the church belongs and by their doctrines (teachings).  Denominations, catechisms, and certain doctrines have their roots in people’s interpretation of Scripture, which may not be all bad, but historically have caused divisions in the body of Christ.  Martelle Christian Church does not identify itself with any particular denomination; we are just Christians – not the only Christians, but Christians only.  We do our best to take all of our doctrine from Scripture alone, not from any person’s interpretation of Scripture.  Are we perfect at this?  No, but our goal is to look past denominational labels and the things that divide us and seek to live – individually and as a church family – according to the teachings of the Bible.

What to Expect Sunday Morning

  • Sunday School: we offer classes for everyone ages 6 months and up.  Every member who works with children has undergone a background check.  Classes are arranged for babies up to 18 months, 18 months-3years, 4-5 years (Pre-K and K), 1st-2nd grade, 3rd-4th grade, 5th-8th grade, 9th-12th grade, and adult classes.  The adult class has coffee available every week.
  • Sunday Morning Worship: our worship service begins at 10:30.  We enjoy a blended mix of song choice and musical styles.  We have people from all walks of life, so you will see people dressed anywhere from shorts and t-shirts to office casual, with many types in between.  We are more concerned with what God is doing on the inside than what you look like on the outside.
  • During the service, you will experience times of prayer, music, communion offered every Sunday, sermons that help you understand the Bible and how it relates to our lives, an invitation to become a follower of Jesus and/or a member of MCC, and lots and lots of really nice people.
  • Child care is available during the sermon time until the end of the service.  Again, all members who work with children have passed a background check and work in pairs.  There is a check-in and check-out process, which makes sure that not only does the right kid go with the right parent/guardian, but also that we know of any particular needs the child may have (such as food allergies).
  • Offerings: we do not collect an offering during the service.  Those who choose to give may place their offerings in the designated boxes by the entrances to the sanctuary.

Our History

The Martelle Christian Church evolved from one originally established at Fairview, and organized in 1858. A building was erected in 1871. Articles of incorporation were filed July 6, 1871.

Growth of the Martelle community at the junction of Military Road and C.M.&St.P. Railway, in addition to the changing population, resulted in a decision to move the building to Martelle. A resolution was passed with a stipulation to make the building open to other Christian Societies when not otherwise in use.

A community project raised funds for moving and many offered assistance. In the early spring of 1874, with sixty horses, four yokes of oxen, and nearly twice as many men, the building was transported on skids across prairies, through icy sloughs and banks of snow.

Twenty years later, the building was moved one lot west of its original site to conform with alignment of other structures on Military Street. A basement was excavated, furnace installed, kitchen and dining room added. More remodeling in the fall of 1950 enlarged the basement and installed a new furnace.

Construction began on a new church building on September 11, 1968. It was completed in May 1969. The ground, a corner lot directly north of the former church building, was donated by Evelyn Airgood.

Membership growth developed interest in designing additional space several years later. Most of the work would be done by members. A new, larger sanctuary and pastor’s study were ready by Christmas 1989. Finishing work on a new fellowship hall and remodeling the older sanctuary into classrooms lasted through 1990.

(From the Martelle Christian Church 2006 directory)